Hi, here is a screenshot of my .000001 version of nrv, a wxwindows opengl radiance viewer

Now, it comes the hard part, implement real time scene object manipulation, radiance code is not intended for objects manipulation in memory, and parse rad files in each change, ie, if i have a genbox in a rad file when i oconv it, the genbox command is lost, so i need a parser for rad files and a way to connect them with actual objects stored in memory, i've thought to make a lookup table with rad line numbers and objects, but i am a bit lost

any advise?

Dear Ignacio,

Thanks so much for nrv!
Its great to see an effort made getting radiance on win32 up to speed!
Nrv is great since it allows me to see octree's generated with obj2mesh.
Which is a lifesaver!

Thanks so much for your efforts!


Jelle Feringa