New version of RadDisplay

Hello all,

We finished a new version of RadDisplay tool.

This new version, apart from various bug corrections, adds new

Some of them have been suggested by users, thanks to them for their

These new features are :

* Trace pixel values on all images - pixels with the same position

are traced on all opened images.

* Filter all images - filter all opened images with the same

exposure value.

* Compare images - perform various operations on two opened images
  • add, subtract, etc. This feature uses Radiance pcomb program.

    • Create false color images - for listed Radiance images create
      false color images with the same palette

    • Area calculation - select image area below threshold luminance
      value and calculate luminance distribution for selected area.

    • Draw lines on the image - Draw straight lines with specified
      radiance value on current Radiance image.

    • Save image in Radiance format - save current image in Radiance
      format. If image exposure is changed or some lines added they will be
      saved too.

    • Open/Save images in High Dynamic Range (HDR) format - in
      consistence with new Radiance recommendations for image extension.

It is still written in Python and uses several Radiance programs from
Greg’s original distribution on Linux and Francesco’s binaries on

It is released under GPL license so feel free to use it. We’d like very
much to have your feedback at It is available at We hope you’ll like it.


ttJeanDo Lénard

De Luminae Lab

ttJeanDo Lénard

De Luminae Lab

06 67 52 91 75


We finished a new version of RadDisplay tool.

I think it would be great to have that in Debian, so I've started a packaging
effort at (access via
svn:// or - if you have an account on - via ssh+svn://....).
Unfortunately I don't have much spare time, to I would appreciate if somebody
would like to maintain it - with a lot of help from me of course. That's also a
good start into Debian packaging practice :slight_smile:




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