Modeling UV Radiation with Radiance

Hi all,

I'm trying to understand the possibilities of modeling UV radiation using
Radiance. I found this previous discussion on email list (
but I'm not still clear about the whole workflow. I break up the question
into 3:

1. Is it possible to generate the sky just for UV radiation? or is it
possible to generate the sky for an specific wavelength range? I understand
that gendaylit does provide the full spectrum but how can can I filter out
the values for UV?

2. In case I can generate the filtered sky (question 1), does it effect the
Radiance calculation for light transmittance? I assume as far as I input
the correct number (UV transmittance) the calculation should be accurate.

3. Can/should I use BSDF materials in this case? Does BSDF materials
include information for UV wavelength? and how does this will work with the
sky (question 1). As an alternate method, and in case I can't filter the
sky, I was thinking to modify BSDF material and make it opaque for all the
wave-lengths except UV?

Thanks in advance,