Modeling interior fabric roller shades in DAYSIM


Is there a way to model interior fabric roller shades in DAYSIM? As far as I
understand, the default in the simple dynamic shading device model is a
simplified model which transmits 25% of diffuse radiation when the shading
is closed. Is there a way to modify this transmittance so that it matches
the transmittance of a specific fabric?

Or would it be better to use the advanced shading device model? If it is the
latter, can the *.rad files required for input into the model both be
material rad files as opposesed to geometry rad files (since I am only
seeking to change the material properties of the interior shades, not
looking to define a complex geometry)?

Thank you,

Krystyna Zelenay

Graduate Student Researcher
Center for the Built Environment
Department of Architecture
University of California, Berkeley
[email protected]