MacosX and X11 and radiance and blender and brad

btw: is there a list like "recommended readings" for people who are
to learn radiance? I would like to know, as an example, what kind of math
and physics people (really) have to know, and which books are recommended
therefor etc.
I have orderd the "The Art And Science Of Lighting Visualization" - is
everything (and more...) I (will) ask about inside this book?

Hi Johannes, welcome.

Ah, the two best resources for learning & using Radiance are:

1) The book "Rendering with Radiance", and:
2) This list.

Rendering with Radiance recently became available again for purchase, and
if you search this list's archives you will find the ordering information
for that. It is truly the bible for this software. As Brad Hamilton said
to Jeff Spicoli in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" when referring to the
rules of the restaurant, "read it, know it, live it".

As for math & physics, well, this former theatre major is using Radiance
on a fairly regular basis. Oh yes, there are conversations on this list
that go sailing clear over my head, but that just shows the enormous
flexibility of the software and the diversity of the user base. That
said, you *should* have a grounding in the basics of the physics of light
& illumination. I'd assume you have an interest in that or you wouldn't
be looking to get involved with this bunch of wackos in the first place.

Have fun...

- Rob Guglielmetti