macbethcal and pcond


Again me... I'm spending quite a lot of time with radiance at the moment :wink:

I want to print some renderings on a large format printer. If I simply print
a tiff (generated with ra_tiff), I get very bad colors (not enough
saturation, everything appears grey).

No I tried the macbethcal. I printed the macbeth-pic from the distribution
(using the same print chain as I will do with the rendering), scanned it with
an xrite 41, calculated xyY from x-rite's xyz-data (is there a converter /
script to do this out there???), made a cal-file (with some warning
concerning gamut of intermediate colors). But pcond says "cannot grok
macbethcal file", and something about inp-flags 077. What does it mean?

Maybe someone may help? So long, I must use photoshop :wink:

CU, Lars.