Mac-Mini | Photosphere | VNC

Hi all,

For those interested. I just wanted to report my success so far. I have accomplished the following:

   1. acquire mac-mini
   2. open and install 1G RAM upgrade
   3. install photosphere
   4. run remote session to mac-mini via VNC allowing for use of full OS
      X desktop and applications (including photosphere)

So this is a great little HDR image processing appliance that can be run remotely to other types of systems using VNC. Pretty neat.

I have been doing some initial experimenting with a Cannon EOS 5D and a Sigma 8mm Fisheye. The camera is pretty cool, certainly the most high-end digital I have used. It is very nice the way the the camera can be controlled from a pc (windows, sorry). Not sure what to report on the lens yet. I guess there is the optical vignetting issue that Greg provided some data on, however I guess practicality of equipment ease of use also has to play an important part.

Preliminary experience with Photosphere is quite nice. Now on to trying out some IBL.



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