Looking for daylighting design and analysis firms

Hello everybody,

I Shrikar Bhave, am a graduate student in MS - Building Design (Energy
Performance and Climate Responsive Architecture) program at Arizona
State University. I have taken a 'Radiance' course during my MS
curriculum. My thesis deals with daylighting and radiance is primary
software that I am using for my thesis research.

I will be graduating by mid-september, and have started looking for
job. I believe that during my MS curriculum, I have acquired a
skillset appropriate for Building energy analysis and Daylighting
design & analysis.

Daylighting design and analysis is one of my core interests in my
career. I wish to keep working with Radiance during my professional
career to further develop my software knowledge and modelling skills.

Could you please suggest consulting firms (in USA) which use Radiance
(as one of the tools) for daylighting design and analysis ? (and
firms, which might be looking for fresh graduates)

Thanks and regards,