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Below is an announcement of an innovative online tool that uses Radiance.




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Dear colleagues,

The National Research Council Canada and Natural Resources Canada have released an online RADIANCE-based daylighting analysis tool called the Lightswitch Wizard

The tool has been developed to support daylighting-related design decisions in commercial buildings during an early design stage. It offers a comparative, reliable, and fast analysis of the amount of daylight available in peripheral private offices as well as the lighting energy performance of automated lighting controls (occupancy sensors, photocells) compared to standard on/off switches. Blinds are either manually or automatically controlled.

Simulation results are based on pre-calculated RADIANCE simulations which are coupled with an empirical model that mimics manual lighting and blind control in single offices. Further information is provided in the online technical background, and glossary sections.

A simulation should take between 20 seconds and 3 minutes to run, assuming moderate traffic on the server and a fast internet connection.

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Daylighting Analysis Software:
The Lightswitch Wizard (initial design)
DAYSIM (expert software)