Lightswitch Wizard - new version

Dear colleagues,

The National Research Council Canada and Natural Resources Canada have
released a new version of our online RADIANCE-based daylighting analysis
tool Lightswitch Wizard <> The
tool was developed to support daylighting-related design decisions in
commercial buildings during an early design stage. It offers a comparative,
reliable, and fast analysis of the amount of daylight available in
peripheral offices and classroom as well as the lighting energy performance
of automated lighting controls (occupancy sensors, photocells) compared to
standard on/off switches. Blinds are either manually or automatically

Features of the new version are:



  added classrooms as a second building type

  added 175 new sites outside of Canada and the US in the Northern

  added a "Getting Started" section with two example applications to
give users ideas of how to use the tool

Your comments/suggestions are appreciated. Greetings from Ottawa,

Christoph Reinhart, Ph.D. tel: (613) 993-9703
Research Officer fax: (613) 954-3733
Institute for Research in Construction e-mail:
[email protected]
National Research Council Canada 1200 Montreal Road M-24, Ottawa
Ontario K1A 0R6 Canada

Daylighting Analysis Software:
The Lightswitch Wizard (initial design)
DAYSIM (expert software)
<outbind://103/> <outbind://103/>

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