Learning to use Radiance in Windows and Rasberry Pi environments

It might help if you explain a little bit more about your project, e.g. Where does the Rasberry Pi come in? Is it a controller for a camera (for HDR image sequences), or a data logger, or are you planning to make a cluster of Rasberry Pi units??


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Hi there,

I'm going to start using Radiance for daylighting analysis and HDR renderings, I am going to write a custom program on Rasberry Pi using Python. Here is the thing, I have never used Radiance before in Linux, I only used Desktop Radiance, and I have great knowledge about daylighting, glare, HDR, ...etc. Can anyone point me toward resources and tutorials that can help me startup with my little program?. I'm also willing to pay if anyone is interested in giving me a private tutorial via Skype, or any other method. Thanks