Issues installing version 5.3 from source (linux)

Hello all. I have been trying to migrate my linux VMs to a more current OS distro (and now new work laptop) which means getting to recompile Radiance and get access to all the goodies of v5.3.

It had been a while since last compile so was bummed to get a bunch of errors - mainly / starting with the tiff libraries. It seems that the makefiles have paths for Greg’s system rather updated with the path I wanted to install. For example: (line 117 of ray/src/px/tiff/Makefile)
AUTOCONF = ${SHELL} /Users/gward/cvs/ray/src/px/tiff/missing --run autoconf

On a whim I tried to install 5.2 and did not get those errors. Checking that similar 5.2 makefile shows that my install paths were updated there.

I guess the question is - is this something I can fix on my end or is it something wrong with the source? Seems odd to me since 5.2 installed just fine. I haven’t tried the Github method, went back to what I know and downloaded the tars from the main site. I ran into this back in late March, when circled back this week seemed like there hadn’t been any changes to the dates on folder in newly downloaded source tars.

Best, Chris

I’ve sort of given up maintaining the libtiff build on modern systems. Are you using the cmake build system or makeall?

Did you try abandoning the libtiff.a dependency in favor of just linking to the system -ltiff? The other option is just to remove ra_tiff and normtiff from the px/Rmakefile build list.

Hi Greg, thanks for the response.

I used makeall - which is frankly the only process I’ve every really used. I’m not really familiar with all the specifics, but using the same compile options I was able to successfully compile 5.2 with full functionality (well mostly I’m finding now). I would assume that the libtiff.a bit works if it was ok in 5.2 but not 5.3 … ? Guess I’m just shocked that the paths didn’t update in the makefile when trying to compile from source.

I did try to install from Github precompiled files. I can render and image then use ra_tiff - but now rvu doesn’t work. I saw a change on Github that said something about not needed to link rvu and rview anymore. Not sure if this is a part the issue or not, but was able to pull the 5.2 version of rvu/rview into my local PATH which reads before the formal radiance install.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the follow-up. The issue with the libtiff library build is my fault, somehow. I was cleaning up the contents of the auxiliary files tarball, where the TIFF library is held, and managed to delete all the requisite source files in the process. I have fixed this tarball, but need to get it updated on github and radiance-online, which may take a day or two.

Regarding your issue with the precompiled binary for rvu, I have heard similar things from @Rob_Shakespeare, and will ask @Mingbo to look into it. I’m not sure what’s going wrong there, but someone needs to check the compilation. I can’t test it myself as it’s built for macOS X 10.15, and I’m not there, yet.

Thanks Greg, much appreciated.

I have working versions of Radiance pulled together across a few computers, just trying to get ahead of things with my new laptop before I really need to be back up and running.

Hi @Greg_Ward @Chris_Coulter,

I have updated the auxiliary files fix(auxiliary): update auxiliary files by MingboPeng · Pull Request #25 · LBNL-ETA/Radiance · GitHub.
It will be available after @Taoning_Wang merge the PR.

For rvu, I don’t have any issue with rvu on my mac. It works with both X11 (installed the newest XQuartz 2.8.1) and Qt, but mine is macOS Big Sur 11.2.
I don’t have 10.15 for testing. Maybe @Rob_Guglielmetti might be able to provide some insights here.

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