I'm taking a dive...

Hi All,

I'm going sky-diving for the first time next month, tandem-jumping with 4 other researchers right before the Eurographics Symposium on Rendering in June. Since we're doing this as part of a big event, we thought we might ask for community donations to sponsor cancer research and Mashhuda Glencross set up the following page with JustGiving, a leading UK fundraising organization:


If you feel like sponsoring us, I'm told it's easy to do. The amounts are all in British pounds, but I think any credit card should work the conversion for you. It's a very good cause, though I'm told that jumping out of a plane is one of the quickest cancer cures known...

Many thanks,

P.S. Katja Doerschner and I are just putting in the proposal for the next Radiance workshop to be held at the University of Minnesota. We didn't hear back from anyone regarding conflicts for the selected dates, the 1st and 2nd October, so let us know right away if you are aware of any problems. Thanks.