Hi Chris,

Try to get your hands on a modeller such as Rhino, which supports .iges very
well. Than mesh the nurbs surfaces in your app and export as .obj
If this is one-time-only you could consider downloading the rhino 30 day
eval. Version





Hello all,

Could someone spare me five minutes please and answer a question i have? I
have an IGES (.igs) file of a model of a car and i want to use it in
radiance if possible. Does anyone know if i can and how i can do this?



BRLCAD (which is a free csg-based CAD) supports both IGES and OBJ. So you could try to convert from IGES to G (the model format in BRLCAD) and from G to OBJ. As BRLCAD is a unix application, just like radiance, it should be possible to easily integrate this into your radiance workflow by piping through the conversion chain (import and export filters are standalone command line tools).

Cool... I will just try that out myself tonight ;-)))

CU Lars.