Ies2rad: considering work

I took some old notes and converted them into comments on ies2rad and, having now gone through the code, am considering possible work to be done on the program. Before I start, though, I’d like to know how people are currently using ies2rad. Any comments are welcome.

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Hi @Randolph_Fritz4, a wrapper for ies2rad is implemented in Honeybee. You can see more about that here. There are also a few examples on Hydrashare:1 , 2. It isn’t as popular as the daylighting components, but we do get queries from time to time and there are a few lighting designers in the East Coast who claim to be using it. I believe ies2rad is also utilized in Groundhog (perhaps German can fill in the details here).

Within Honeybee, @Mostapha and I have a long term plan of implementing ies2rad in Honeybee[+] and link it to all the rcontrib- and mkpmap-enabled workflows to perform multi-phase/pmap daylighting and electric lighting simulations.

From a new-features perspective, I guess it will be nice to have XML parsing functionality compatible with IES TM-33 as and when that format gets adopted by manufacturers. From what I have learnt through Ian’s post it appears that the new format will be backward compatible.

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What the TM-33 people mean by “backward compatible” is “can easily convert to the new format.” So that’s something else to look at.

Hello Randolph,

I may be late but, I indeed developed a ruby-based ies2rad copy for Groundhog. It is used for exporting Luminaires and do some things automatically.

While (almost) I have not used it at all, Robert Shakespeare has been working with Groundhog and Electric Lighting. Maybe he can comment something.

Finally, the ruby ies2rad was developed when the exporting between SketchUp and Radiance was performed by the ruby API… now it will be handled by Emp’s C++ code, so I will probably call the real ies2rad directly. In such case, I would appreciate you checking it!


PS: Any thoughts on other luminaire formats?

Thanks. Did your version of ies2rad also use and

I’m waiting for Rob to write back; I’m not sure he’s even on Discourse.

And, yes, I’m thinking about the TM-33 standard, which is now out for public comment, but which I have not yet seen.

What do you need me to write back about?


Honestly, I never understood much about IES or other formats… I think I used the file, and that TILT was not supported (I never understood what it did, and was never a problem for me).


The other Rob, sorry.

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