[?] how to define the path and name of the .hdr file generated by rad

You are correct. There is no way to directly specify the exact output file name, which is constructed from the root name you give and the view name, separated by an underscore ('_') and followed by the ".hdr" suffix. If you want a different name, you either have to run the rpict command yourself or, easier, rename the file after rad is done using "mv" or similar.



From: Ji Zhang <[email protected]>
Date: June 19, 2011 7:02:50 AM PDT

Dear Radiancors,

May I ask how to specify the path and name of the .hdr file as generated by rad when constructing rad command?

As far as I know, the options of rad such as PICTURE, RAWFILE, etc only specify the "root name" of certain files generated in the process.