How reflected light is calculated

Hi, everyone,
I read the rediance_tutorial ( In it, I found the configurations of materials, which include the reflectance of R,G,B, roughness and specularity. However, I am confused about the roughness and specularity. As I understand, the reflected light equals the reflectance * incident_light_irrandiance. So, how do the roughness and specularity join this process? Is there any reference showing more details about how the reflected light is calculated? Thanks.

There is an outdated document here. The default reflectance model for metal and plastic is the WGMD model described in this presentation and this paper. both authored by @David_Geisler-Morod1

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, Greg. I try to extend the RGB to multiple channels, just like what has been done by Alfa. Do you have any suggestions?

No real advice from my end. This is something I haven’t done in the way you’re proposing, but others may have ideas.