how i can work with archicad and radiance?

Rob Guglielmetti wrote:

Carsten Bauer wrote:

> toufik ouahdi wrote:
>> hi, I would like to work with archicad and radiance but i haven't any
>>idia if anybody know you can contacte me and we work to guether .
>> Tou
> Yeah, great idea ! But sorry, I have no idea either. But if one day an idea
> explodes in my mind, I will contact you !

I'm not sure the level of integration you are seeking Tou, but if all
you need is to get an Archicad model into Radiance for
rendering/analysis, I'd assume you could save your model as a DXF file
and use dxf2rad to convert it into a Radiance scene description. If
you're looking to preserve materials or uv mappings, I'm pretty sure
there are other methods that will preserve at least some of that, but
that's out of my depth. HTH.

Dxf2rad works fine with files generated by Archicad.

I think some people have also had success with exporting
to 3DS Max, and converting the result with Conrad, unless
I'm confusing this with something else at the moment.

If Archicad can export Wavefront obj files, then you could
use those directly with Radiance 3.5.

There are also attempts around to export Radiance scene files
immediately from Archicad, but as far as I know, none of that
is ready for public consumption at the moment.


PS: This discussion should really go to the general list,
as it is not a development issue.


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