Home Daylight Survey

Dear friends and colleagues,
We are conducting a survey on daylight in residential spaces and would very much appreciate if you had a few minutes to participate and to share it.
Thank your very much in advance for your help.


Dr. Timur Dogan
Assistant Professor Cornell AAP
Director of the Environmental Systems Lab

ESL<https://es.aap.cornell.edu/> | SOLEMMA<http://www.solemma.com/> | UMI<http://www.urbanmodeling.net/>

Good morning Timur!

Just wondering if you can share the outcome of this survey with us all? This comes after I saw https://hbr.org/2018/09/the-1-office-perk-natural-light in the news :slight_smile:

The survey is still running but I will happily share the results once we are ready to publish.