[Help] Problem with ximage in 3.7.2


I've finally a clue why [on my SGI FUEL, IRIX 6.5.28,
MipsPro 7.4.4, VPro12] ximage from Radiance 3.7.2 displays
my pics color-wise *wrongly* but - on the same machine -
ximage from Radiance 3.1.11 shows them *correctly*; I found this
by re-compilation with -DDEBUG.

As it turned out, the two Radiance versions actually choose
*different* "best" visuals; 3.1.11 selects "TrueColor, depth 24"
(ximage ok), but 3.7.2 picks "TrueColor, depth 30" (ximage wrong)
(just compare <viscmp>/x11image.c 3.1.11/3.7.2).

As a test, I explicitely set the visual in 3.1.11 to a
"TrueColor, depth 30" visual and then ximage displays my pics
color-wise *wrongly* as well [just like 3.7.2 with its own "best"
visual does]. Conversely, setting a "TrueColor, depth 24" visual
explicitely in 3.7.2, pics are displayed correctly.

So, I think that handling of "TrueColor, depth 30" is *buggy* in
*both* 3.1.11 and 3.7.2. BTW, "DirectColor, depth 24" doesn't
display my pics either - I just get a window with black background
(?) and no image...

For a temporarily by-pass [hopefully only until the next official
release?], I set the visual in 3.7.2 *explicitely* to a "TrueColor,
depth 24" visual - and 3.7.2 ximage works fine on my FUEL ...

Only as a side-note, I've changed the printed information in
<getbestvis>/x11image.c for DEBUG defined to

fprintf(stderr, "Supported visuals:\n");
for (i = 0; i < vismatched; i++)
fprintf(stderr, "index= %d, id 0x%lx (%lud), class %s, depth %d\n",
i, XVisualIDFromVisual(xvi[i].visual),
vistype[xvi[i].class], xvi[i].depth);


fprintf(stderr, "Selected visual: index= %d, id 0x%lx (%lud), class %s,
depth %d\n",
i, XVisualIDFromVisual(ourvis.visual),
vistype[ourvis.class], ourvis.depth);

respectively, as I found this a bit more informative for my debugging...

Anyway, thanks for a great piece of software!



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Hi Oskar,

I'm moving this to the Radiance development list, since it is a code
issue that's of limited use to others. Please respond there rather
than replying to this. (You will need to subscribe first if you
aren't already on that list at <http://www.radiance-online.org/

Definitely run both versions of ximage on both machines after
compiling with -DDEBUG, because the visual selection code changed
considerably between 3.1.11 and 3.7.2. It seems the color
table code
also changed, though, and the problem might be there.


> From: "Itzinger, Oskar" <[email protected]>
> Date: May 24, 2006 3:12:55 AM PDT
> Greg,
> sorry if I sounded too complicated. What I meant is simply:
> I have two machines,
> A. SGI INDIGO2, IRIX 6.5.22, MipsPro 7.4.2 compiler, "Extreme"
> graphics
> B. SGI FUEL, IRIX 6.5.28, MipsPro 7.4.4 compiler, "VPro12"
> graphics
> Now, after re-compilation on A and B respectively, I have on
> A. Radiance 3.1.11: ximage displays pics *ok" color-wise
> Radiance 3.7.2: ximage displays pics *ok* color-wise
> B: Radiance 3.1.11: ximage displays pics *ok* color-wise
> Radiance 3.7.2: ximage displays pics *wrongly* color-wise
> Perhaps something in the way X visuals are selected changed from
> 3.1 to 3.7 [my default on B is an 8-bit PseudoColor visual - but
> I could alter that to something else if necessary].
> Maybe it helps if I recompile 3.7.2 on B with -DDEBUG to see
> which visuals are recognized and which one is finally selected in
> x11image.c?
> BTW, running "rmake ximage" in ray/sr/px didn't change any...
> Thanks.
> /oskar


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