Hello Greg,

Hello Greg,

I have a need to compile radiance for my Mac OSX students who have a variety of versions of OSX. Can you advise what is the rmake you used to produce your Mac OS X (10.4 Universal)binaries. The standard makeall install that I used:
exec make "SPECIAL=ogl" \
     "OPT=-O2" \
     "MACH=-DBSD -DNOSTEREO -Dfreebsd -I/usr/X11R6/include -L/usr/X11R6/lib " \
     ARCH=Intel "COMPAT=" \
     INSTDIR=/Applications/ray/bin \
     LIBDIR=/Applications/ray/lib \
     ESUFFIX= \
     CC=cc CONFIGURE_ARCH=i386 "$@" -f Rmakefile

only works on my Snow Leopard 10.6.2

By the way I was able to use Xcode to make an intel universal version of Simon Crone's genrad program, but can not figure the correct settings for the makeall script.

If you don't have the information then I will make up a install pkg using the 10.4 tar.gz from radiance-online.

Have you thought about putting a standard install package together for Mac OSX on the website? I have been playing with the xcode PackageMaker app which seems relatively easy to conjure up and is ideal for the complete novice to install.




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Terrance Mc Minn

Hi Terrance.

Since I upgraded to Snow Leopard I had various problems with compiling
my own binaries. Luckily, Radiance's makeall script works fine,
although I only use them on my machine.

With Snow Leopard Apple switched to gcc 4.2 and a few new core
technologies under the hood.

To produce binaries that run on 10.4 you have to install the 10.4u SDK
component of Xcode. To use it you have to set the "-isysroot" option
in gcc.

You have to use gcc 4.0 as compiler, not gcc 4.2. I think it also only
works if you produce 32bit binaries (which you would want to do

Plus there are probably a number of other things. I recently found
that I couldn't run an application because OS X 10.5 needs to be at
the right patch level ...

All in all I now think that it is safest to compile on a 10.4 system.
This will run on 10.5 and 10.6 but is much less hassle to set up.

Just my less-than-2c,