Hi Mark,

I am attending the conference (or at least the papers/panels). Perhaps
if there are enough people HDRI/Radiance we could figure out some way to
all meet somewhere? Any others attending?

-Jack de Valpine

PS: cross posted for other that might be interested...

Mark Banas (lists) wrote:


Hi All,

I will be attending SIGGRAPH again this year, and I am naturally looking forward to the "High-Dynamic-Range Imaging: Theory and Applications" course w/ Greg et al, and I will be heading over to the Image Manipulation Papers on Monday. I'm generally wondering who else on this list (aside from the obvious) will be in Boston? And related to that, is the HDRI BOF worth a slot on the schedule?

I'll also be wandering the Conference w/ iBook, Canon and HDRcapOSX shooting HDRs in both framed and panoramic formats, and I hope to share them with the list shortly after I get back. (One of my goals is to capture a Brightside monitor in HDR for those who cannot attend!)


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