HDR Codec

BrightSide has been developing a new video compression technique for high
dynamic range images. At the upcoming SIGGRAPH conference, BrightSide will
be demonstrating the results of this work by showcasing an MPEG-HDR codec in
concert with a High Dynamic Range display. The primary user benefits of the
MPEGHDR codec are:

* HDR content is preserved throughout the entire digital imaging

* Original HDR content can be archived at reduced storage cost

* Image quality is maintained through various stages of video

Looking beyond SIGGRAPH BrightSide is interested in developing partnerships
to further develop and license our compression technology. If you are
planning to attend the SIGGRAPH conference this year and would be interested
in seeing a demonstration of the power and utility of HDR compression please
let contact Mark Grist mark.grist@brightsidetech.com to arrange a meeting.
Follow this link for more information on the MPEG-HDR codec.


Best regards,

Mark Grist

VP Business Development & Marketing

BrightSide Technologies Inc.

Ph 604-228-4624

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