Generate 4x-klems XML file

Hello all,

Do you know how I can generate a klems_quarter XML file by genBSDF?

I am going to export the XML file to EnergyPlus through Window. I am also wondering if EP and Window are able to read the quarter klems XML file.

Thank you in advance!

Klems-quarter is not supported by genBSDF. Its resolution is considered too low to be useful. It is possible to employ rfluxmtx to generate a Klems matrix, then wrapBSDF to put it into a Windows XML file, but it’s a somewhat manual process.

Thank you @Greg_Ward for your response.
I just realized I made a mistake in my wordings. I meant generating a 4x-klems with 2320 patches.

Oh, we don’t have any ready tools for that, I’m afraid. Andy McNeil hacked it for the related paper. You can use Shirley-Chiu instead at whatever resolution you like. (Tensor tree with -t -1 turns culling off.) The number of patches per hemisphere is 2 to the power of the -g value times 2. For example, -g 4 would be 2^(4*2) or 256 patches per hemisphere. Isotropic tensor trees (-t3 rather than -t4) means you only have one hemisphere times 2^(g-1) incident angles.

I should add that WINDOW doesn’t support any non-standard Klems subdivisions as far as I know.