Gendaylits dky discretization

Hi all, I hope you are doing well.
I am relatively new to Radiance and trying to use Radiance add-on for Blender VI-Suite for my master’s thesis in irradiance analysis of partially shaded solar modules. So my apologies beforehand if my question is too obvious.

I would like to know whether “gendaylit” function discretize the generated Perez sky to patches? I couldn’t find any information about it in the manual.

Chingiz Asadzade

Hi Chingiz,

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The Perez sky model used by gendaylit is continuous, similar to the gensky command. If you need patches, you can pass the output to genskyvec, which will produce a set of Tregenza or Reinhart patches based on the -M option setting. Did you find the man pages for these commands and look at those?


Hello Mr. Ward.
Thanks for the answer.

Yes I found the manual pages and go through them.