FW: modeling hourly daylight illuminance/daylightfactor values for a year


Thanks for the pointers John and Christoph.

I did manage to install DAYSIM and model an office space. When I ran the
simulation I got the 'uncommented lines in the dc file' error which I looked
up in the tutorial and fixed the PATH and RAYPATH environmental variables. I
am using Windows XP on my notebook (the tutorial points these fixes for
Windows 2000, I tried them nevertheless).

I encountered the same error even then. I was trying to fix it and in the
process uninstalled and installed the program 2 to 3 times. Now the program
doesn't start after installation. I can't get it to start despite some
effort. It would help my thesis a lot if I can make it work.

Need your help.

Thanks again,


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Hi Ramana,

To further convince you that Daylight Coefficients are 'the way to go',
you can have a look at the attached paper.

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A brute-force approach (i.e. a new simulation for every hour) can be
done, but it is computationally very inefficient. A better approach is
to use daylight coefficients. Background, theory and implementation are
described in chapter 6 here:
[Web pages seem to be down at the moment - try again later/tomorrow]

An end-user DC version called DAYSIM is available from here:
DAYSIM is different in detail from the description noted above, but does
more or less the same thing.


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