Five-Phase Method: invalid results in daylight matrix

At first (quick) glance, my guess is that your window polygon is oriented backwards. Confirm the window normal faces out, toward the exterior environment and sky, by looking at the vertex order (right hand rule!).


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I have a question about the Example 2 in the five-phase method tutorial (

OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Command Line Environment: Git Bash


$ genklemsamp -c 1000 -vd 0 -1 0 objects/glazing_outside_pane.rad | \
rcontrib -c 1000 -ab 2 -ad 1024 -e MF:1 -f -b rbin -bn Nrbins -m sky_glow -fa \
model_daylight_matrix.oct > daylight_matrices/daylight_matrix.dmx

Issue: the recorded values in the generated daylight_matirx.dmx are all equal to 0 (0.000000e+000)

I would appreciate if you could help me with possible causes of the invalid results.

Thank you,