First Timer: help on Radiance installation

Hi Julitta!

> Can you verify that your Radiance-binaries (the bin-subdirectory of the
> Radiance installation) is included in your Path variable?
HELP ME how to do this. is this something to do with this link, which I
copied to my newly created folder Radiance into Applications folder:

That probably means that your binaries are in a directory /Applications/Radiance/rad4R0_maxosx/bin.

Can you try the command:


and tell us whether there is any output or error message? I do not have a Mac available right now.

Also, do you type commands into the window opening when you start the X11 application, or do you type in the Terminal application window? I think Thomas posted a great Mac-specific tutorial, which may vary from my more generic unix-like experiences. So these details may be of importance here.

Cheers, Lars.