Final Radiance Workshop announcement

Thanks for the prompting, Francesco -- the Firbourg Radiance workshop is definitely ON.

Please send in your registrations if you haven't already! Attached is the announcement for those who have recently joined.

Our registration deadline is imminent -- August 31 -- so sign up today and don't delay!





What: Scientific Applications Using RADIANCE

Where: University of Applied Sciences of Fribourg, Switzerland (

When: October 11th & 12th (Monday & Tuesday) 2004

Organizers: Raphael Compagnon and Greg Ward

Registration: CHF 205 for speakers (approx. 1.5 CHF per Euro)
    CHF 270 for attendees
    CHF 105 for students

Fee includes: Coffee breaks, lunch both days, a dinner on Monday evening, and a workshop CD-ROM

Hotel: Rooms of various categories have been pre-booked for participants at rates specified on the hotel registration form

Download registration forms from the workshop's web page:

Deadline for registration: August 31, 2004
As early registrations greatly help us in organising the workshop, we recommend
that participants send their registration forms as soon as possible. During the workshop
we will make a prize drawing for 2 participants among those who have registered before
July 15. The 2 winners will get a 50% cash refund on their registration fee!

To provide researchers with an opportunity to present their work with Radiance, and to share ideas and solutions with other attendees.
Participants are invited to give a talk, which will be limited to 30 minutes (~20 minute for the talk followed by ~10 minutes of open discussion).
No printed proceedings will be produced, but a CD-ROM will be distributed to attendees that will include electronic materials submitted by the speakers and edited by the organizers.

At this workshop, we will introduce a special Problem Solving session on the second day, where users may present their difficulties and seek advice and suggestions, possibly working through solutions in a collaborative "brain-storming" with Greg, Raphael, and other attendant experts. In addition, Georg Mischler and Andreas Lahme have been invited to give a half-day tutorial on Rayfront, and will demonstrate their new Radiance web rendering service. Depending on the number of talks we end up scheduling, we may or may not conduct the problem solving session and Rayfront tutorial in parallel. Either way, everyone should get a chance to ask questions, and ample opportunities to help others with their problems as well.

A list of planned speakers and preliminary titles is given below. The list will be regularly updated on the workshop's web page.

  • Forward ray tracing analysis of a light pipe, by Anthony Farrell
  • Using image based lighting to assess glare under different conditions by capturing the whole dynamic range of daylight, by Santiago L. Torres
  • Comparison and Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data on luminous ambiances in interior spaces using Radiance, by Ljubica Mudri
  • Calculation of luminaires using Radiance, by Krzysztof Wandachowicz
  • Road lighting simulation with Radiance, by Giulio Antonutto
  • Using Radiance to verify and inform some interesting simplified daylighting and solar radiation models, by Darren Robinson
  • Comparison of daylighting results obtained under the Belgian artificial sky and with several daylighting software, by Magali Bodart
  • Some experiments with irradiation modelling using cumulative skies, by Darren Robinson
  • Using Radiance for Right-To-Light and Solar Access Studies, by Andrew Marsh
  • 3D Lighting: Integrated software modelling and simulation package using 3Dsolar and Rayfront with Radiance, by Andreas Lahme
  • Modeling of radiative heat transfer applying procedure of Radiance, by Konrad Domke
  • Material measurment & modelling, by Peter Apian-Bennewitz
  • Blender based Radiance GUI, by Francesco Anselmo
  • iPPF: a Radiance based online tool for solar and daylight access studies in urban areas, by Raphael Compagnon
  • Rayfront Tutorial, taught by Georg Mischler & Andreas Lahme
  • Radiance problem-solving session, moderated by Greg Ward
  • The Radzilla project, by Carsten Bauer
  • LEARNIX bootable live CD-ROM, by Axel Jacob

  • Using a new RADIANCE-based tool to evaluate daylight glare in office spaces, by Jan Wienold

The names and titles above are not final, and we may get new speakers and lose some people before we can provide a proper workshop agenda in September.

By August 31 2004, we will also need the final titles and abstracts for all the talks, along with any materials the speakers wish to include on the workshop CD-ROM. At minimum, we would like to get a copy of each speaker's presentation in PowerPoint, PDF, or HTML (preferred) format, and a short bio with contact information. If the speaker also has test scenes, images, and/or software they would like to share, these would be most welcome. We need to get all of these materials in order to have sufficient time to assemble them into a usable CD-ROM, so we cannot promise to include anything submitted after the August 31 deadline.

We look forward to meeting you at the workshop!

Greg Ward and Raphael Compagnon