feedback form online

Hi folks,

hope you all got well through Christmas time.

For those of you not on holiday and with tube-time to spare, you could be the first to try the new online feedback form at
My motivation for it was to get some more info on the Radiance community, especially from the majority of users who silently read the mailing list, use Radiance and may have some views and ideas just below their level of actively posting to the list. E.g.: There's got to be a couple of students at Universities worldwide who are confronted with Radiance each course and from which we never hear. Especially when they /don't/ like it.
The whole thing is planned to be used continuously other the next years, rather than being a one-time snapshot.
Werther the idea works out, I can't say, but hey, at least it's worth a try.
Technically each entry is stored in MySQL, together with a time stamp and the client IP. The latter is handy in case some bored "script-kid" floods the entry form, otherwise it won't be made public. The time stamp allows for a time dependent analysis over the next years, while the database allows for correlations like "what do architects see as missing".

Feedback on the idea or form is welcomed, otherwise I post a note next week on the general list,
cheers & a happy start into 2005

PS: "Limits felt" doesn't list "user interface missing", since that could be hardwired to "on" under any circumstance, a catch-all from "rpict is a drag" to "Radiance doesn't automagically deploy lamps in the optimal way in a room".


pab-opto, Freiburg, Germany,
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