EXIF data base, older Nikon CoolPix models

Hi guys,

I've reworked the page on camera compatibility with WebHDR. It is now
updated on-the-fly on new submissions and runs of WebHDR. You might want
to use it for reference when shopping around for a suitable camera for
taking HDR pickies:

Please note that an 'O.K' doesn't necessarily mean the cam will work with
hdrgen/Photoshpere, too. What it does mean, however, is that the pictures
can be batch-processed with free, OpenSource software and without
additional user input to make them work (Perl + ExifTools).

If there is any interest, I'd be happy to write a little utility and post
it to the list.

Furthermore, I am wondering if any of you have access to older Nikon
CoolPix models (8xx and 9xx). If so, could I kindly as you to submit a
picture to the address above. Thanks 1000 for your time!



PS: Pics of cameras not listed yet are also welcome.