Energy Consumption Monitoring

Hello Radiance forum,

I hope you are all doing great. This is my first time trying to use Radiance and wanted to ask for some advice.
I am trying to implement daylight harvesting in a room, with some certain number of dimmable LEDs and monitor the energy consumption throughout a month or 2.

1- Is Radiance already equipped with Energy Consumption adds on? or if not has anyone ever done it or you thing it would be possible.
2- What is the best wrapper I can use to get the most out of this software?
3- Is interfacing Radiance possible with other software for example MATLAB or would it be easier for me to just try to write my control algorithm in Radiance?

Thank you very much for your help in advance.

Hi Behy,
The suite of command tools in Radiance can output rendered images, or data that can be formatted and manipulated through any type of scripting or programming that you might be comfortable with. It would definitely be possible to output calculated values from Radiance into data files and read that data into MATLAB for further manipulation and assessment. The best wrapper or programming mechanism for your control algorithm is probably whatever techniques you’re most comfortable with.

To give a partial answer to your question about the “best” wrapper, there are many user interfaces built around Radiance tools and capabilities, for example as plugins to interface with Sketchup, Rhino, Grasshopper, etc. These are sometimes intended for streamlining repetitive calculation needs and you might still have to get into the data file outputs to adapt for customizable data post-processing. Open Studio can bring Radiance calculation capabilities into an energy modeling environment, but you’d have to say more about what you’re trying to achieve to get feedback from any Open Studio experts here about control algorithm capabilities there. There’s also SPOT, which has a focus specifically on “sensor placement and optimization.”

Hi Christopher,

Thank you very much for your concise explanation and the guidance.
This is a research topic I am working on and want to simulate a room with some windows opening and be able to define the measurement of the windows. In another scenario, I want to have a full opening of a wall in a different place.
I have heard that you can pick the certain types of LED to be used in your simulation area (Dimmable / HPS) lights and have them to be controlled proportionally based on the daylight.

Here in this case, I want to run a comparison between the 2 simulation areas. The comparison is going to be the effect of sunlight and the size of aperture on Energy Consumption.

This is a general description of what I am hoping to accomplish. I have the hardware and setup in my office and am working on it but wanted to also have a simulation to at the end, compare the simulation environment and real setup.

I am hoping that there is a way to specify
1- where is this building located (on the map).
2- Direction of the building (e.g north or south facing).
3- A way to implement my controller algorithm (PID Controller) which in this case I need to read the value of the existing lux in a room. (installation of light meter is a must have, one or preferably multiple)
4- I measure and record/monitor the Energy Consumption of the LED light fixtures in the room over a certain period of time.

Thank you very much for taking your time and reading my inquiry.