Energy and Buildings Vol. 38, Iss. 7, 2006

There is a great special issue Energy and Buildings on daylighting. It has some Radiance articles in it. Very useful.

Martin Moeck, Penn State



   Energy and Buildings
  Volume 38, Issue 7, Pages 715-930 (July 2006)
Special Issue on Daylighting Buildings
Edited by Christoph Reinhart and Stephen Selkowitz
1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
2. Contents
Pages iv-v
3. Daylighting-Light, form, and people
Pages 715-717
Christoph Reinhart and Stephen Selkowitz
4. International Energy Agency's Solar Heating and Cooling Task 31, âEUR~Daylighting Buildings in the 21st CenturyâEUR(tm)
Pages 718-720
Nancy C. Ruck
  Literature Reviews
5. Considerations for lighting in the built environment: Non-visual effects of light
Pages 721-727
Ann R. Webb
6. Occupant preferences and satisfaction with the luminous environment and control systems in daylit offices: a literature review
Pages 728-742
Anca D. Galasiu and Jennifer A. Veitch
  Occupant Behaviour and Preferences
7. Evaluation methods and development of a new glare prediction model for daylight environments with the use of CCD cameras
Pages 743-757
Jan Wienold and Jens Christoffersen
8. Subject responses to electrochromic windows
Pages 758-779
R.D. Clear, V. Inkarojrit and E.S. Lee
9. The use of shading systems in VDU task offices: A pilot study
Pages 780-789
Yannick Sutter, Dominique Dumortier and Marc Fontoynont
10. A field investigation of the intermediate light switching by users
Pages 790-801
David Lindelöf and Nicolas Morel
11. Using field measurements of desktop illuminance in European offices to investigate its dependence on outdoor conditions and its effect on occupant satisfaction, and the use of lights and blinds
Pages 802-813
Fergus Nicol, Mike Wilson and Cecilia Chiancarella
12. Adding advanced behavioural models in whole building energy simulation: A study on the total energy impact of manual and automated lighting control
Pages 814-823
Denis Bourgeois, Christoph Reinhart and Iain Macdonald
13. Findings from a survey on the current use of daylight simulations in building design
Pages 824-835
Christoph Reinhart and Annegret Fitz
14. Goniophotometry and assessment of bidirectional photometric properties of complex fenestration systems
Pages 836-848
Marilyne Andersen and Jan de Boer
15. Modelling indoor illumination by complex fenestration systems based on bidirectional photometric data
Pages 849-868
Jan de Boer
16. Application of the CIE test cases to assess the accuracy of lighting computer programs
Pages 869-877
F. Maamari, M. Fontoynont and N. Adra
17. Experimental validation of simulation methods for bi-directional transmission properties at the daylighting performance level
Pages 878-889
Fawaz Maamari, Marilyne Andersen, Jan de Boer, William L. Carroll, Dominique Dumortier and Phillip Greenup
18. Development and validation of a Radiance model for a translucent panel
Pages 890-904
Christoph F. Reinhart and Marilyne Andersen
19. Useful daylight illuminances: A replacement for daylight factors
Pages 905-913
Azza Nabil and John Mardaljevic
20. The New York Times Headquarters daylighting mockup: Monitored performance of the daylighting control system
Pages 914-929
E.S. Lee and S.E. Selkowitz