dynamic daylight simulations

Dear RADIANCE users,

The purpose of this message is to inform you of a RADIANCE add-on that might
be of interest to some you.

The National Research Council of Canada and the Fraunhofer Institute for
Solar Energy Systems have developed a RADIANCE-based dynamic daylight
simulation method called DAYSIM that allows you to efficiently simulate
annual indoor illuminance profiles at points of interest in a building.
DAYSIM is based on Tregenza's daylight coefficient approach and the Perez
sky model. DAYSIM further features a method to simulate the short time steps
dynamics of daylight, creating 1 min-time-series of external direct and
diffuse irradiances based on hourly means. This model is a modified version
of an older approach from Olseth and Skartveit.

DAYSIM is now available for download from
http://www.nrc.ca/irc/ie/light/daysim.html. Any comments or suggestions are

Greetings from Ottawa,


Christoph Tito Reinhart, Dr. Ing., Dipl.-Phys., M.Sc. tel: (613) 993-9703
Research Officer
fax: (613) 954-3733
m 24 Institute for Research in Construction e-mail:
National Research Council Canada
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