DXF conversion

Ahem... could it really be that anyone is not aware of
the easy way to convert a DXF file yet?


And if you're really *still* using torad for exporting
from Autocad, please have a look at Radout instead!

I find torad a useful tool still - note that I have upgraded the torad.lsp
code to work perfectly well in AutoCAD 2000. Yes - if your file is a DXF to
start with, the dxf2rad is a good tool, but I often start with DWG files,
meaning that I would have to use AutoCAD anyway to convert to DXF. I
realise that something like radout probably is more robust and converts more
entity types, but torad usually works fine for me - so if it isn't broke,
don't fix it...

Hope you find the Crossroads program of some use - I found it while trying
to solve the exact same problem a couple of years ago...


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