documentation wiki [was: feedback of code]

Peter Apian-Bennewitz wrote:

Two thumps up for a documentation arena. As said, a Wiki had been on my
wish list last year.

I've already mentioned it a few times over the years...

I originally started this for general lighting related discussions,
but it has been dormant for most of the time. Apparently there
was no wide demand for such a forum. But if people want to start
collecting material for a more accessible documentation of
Radiance, the tool is there and available. Just start writing.

The result can stay there, or if the preference is that it
must be located under (and Peter finds the
time to setup another installation there), it's easy to migrate
stuff later.

The only thing that I'd have to do myself woult be to create a
"RadianceDocumentation" link on the front page, because that's
one of the few pages that can't be edited by the general public.
Other than that, anyone is invited to just start writing!



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