Deterministic Ray-Tracing

Hello everybody,

I’ve read that Radiance use a combination of deterministic and stochastic ray tracing techniques. I’am aware of stochastic ray tracing techniques and I can image what is meant by deterministic ray tracing but I want to be sure. So it would be great if someone who has the knowledge could explain it briefly or send me for example a paper where I can find this information.

Greetings Philip

I think this is probably best explained in Chapters 10 and 11 of Rendering with Radiance. If you don’t have access to that book, the 1994 paper that summarizes the functionality and underlying principles of Radiance (as it existed back then) is a good resource too. Finally, the first 30 odd slides from John Mardaljevic’s workshop tutorial session on Ambient Calculations have illustrations and notes that I found to be pretty helpful when I started learning Radiance.

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