Daylighting Rules of Thumb

Dear all:

I am following Rob's suggestion. My apologies for any cross-postings.



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Thanks Christoph,

Nice work. While anything based on daylight factors is limiting, you
have qualified that every step of the way. The nice thing about this is
that you have created a process for really applying a daylight factor
approach early on in the design process. You should cross-post this to
the radiance list!

Rob Guglielmetti

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Dear colleagues:

It might be a complete 'faux pas' to send a design sequence based on
rules of thumb to a building simulationmailing list. But, I take the
risk. We recently developed and validated a rules-of-thumb based design
sequence for diffuse
/DiffuseDaylightingDesignSequenceTutorial.pdf. The series offers design
advice for daylighting at the programming and massing stage and - being
based on the daylight factor - applies to climates with either mostly
diffuse sky conditions or heavily obstructed sites. Alternatively, the
design sequence can be used in combination with a direct shading study.
The supporting research can be found


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