Daylighting Designer wanted

Architectural Energy Corporation, a sustainable energy and engineering
consulting firm, is looking for a mid-level to senior person proficient
in sophisticated daylighting, lighting and solar control analysis
software such as Radiance, AGI32, Ecotect, TracePro, SPOT, etc. A good
candidate will not only be technically proficient, but will also be able
to use these tools appropriately and efficiently to guide architects and
design teams to make informed design decisions on their projects; and
will be able to mentor AEC’s existing daylighting staff in the use of
these tools. A good candidate must also have a strong interest in key
aspects of high-performance buildings such as building science and
environmental and integrated systems design. Contact Laurel Van Driest,
[email protected] or fax 303-459-7399.

Laurel Van Driest
Office Administrator
Architectural Energy Corporation
2540 Frontier Avenue, Suite 201
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Direct phone: 303-459-7418
Direct fax: 303-459-7399
Main phone: 303-444-4149 x418
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