Daylight passing between two rooms?

Dear users,

In a current project studies need to be done for an interior room with glazed partition walls. The sunlight is passing to the room through glazed partitions both from an 'atrium' and from the facade.

This is the first time I am doing this types of studies. I know sunlight passing between zones in ESP-r/Radiance is treated as a diffuse source. How is this treated in Radiance?

I am in particular interested in hearing if there is any special parameters that I have to include when using rtrace, rcalc and rpict for this type of studies.

Any input is appreciated :slight_smile:

Best regards


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Hi Per,

welcome! Radiance is a simulation based on physics. Thus, if you model a
geometry with an opening or transparent interfaces, light will pass
through. If the transparent surfaces cause scattering, this will
influence the transmission just as you would observe it. There is no
need for special parameters as this is just what light does...

I do not know whether things are different when using ESP-r, but that
would be related to the export filters, not to Radiance.

Cheers, Lars.