Dates for the 2020 Radiance Workshop?

I know it seems a long way off, however the summer conference season is already starting to fill up. Any news on likely/firm dates would be very welcome.

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I think Eduardo Pintos, who is organizing next year’s workshop in Bilbao, has booked the Alvaro Siza building for week of September 21-25th in hopes that that works out. We have not discussed these dates publicly, but it would be great if folks could post here with known conflicts and the like.

Building Simulation and Optimization 2020,
Loughborough University, UK, 9-10 September 2020

Hi John,
Back on September 3rd Greg wrote a post about the potential dates for the 2020 workshop. Those dates are basically tied to availability at the Alvaro Siza conference building in Bilbao. We booked the week of September 21-25, 2020 as it was the only week that was left open. The workshop would most likely be taking place on the 24th-25th.

I’m glad to see that the Building Simulation and Optimization conference doesn’t land exactly on those days. The question is, do you think it will make both events not compatible?

Hopefully not :slight_smile:


Hi Eduardo,

The planned scheduled week is really late - the semester has started at most universities already (also here at EPFL).

If the workshop covers also the Friday 25th I definitely cannot attend, since this is the day my course starts.

I hope it can be scheduled a bit earlier - at least not having that Friday as workshop day.


Hi Eduardo,

No problems re: dates for BSO. Helps to have the dates fixed as soon as possible for those who wish to plan a ‘grand tour’ around a few conferences/workshops.



Hi Jan,

Yes, the dates are pretty late. We tried for the month of August but the host university (University of the Basque Country) is pretty much non-operating then. We also tried early September but the venue they have for this type of events was taken for those dates, that’s why we took September 21-25.

There is definitely no problem in doing the workshop early that week, any day within that week works. It could be September 21-22.

I will inquire again in case other booked weeks got cancelled. Even in July. I know our actual dates are not ideal but hopefully we can make it all work out.



Hi John,
Agreed! September seems to be the “conference month”. We’ll see if we can make it happen.
Regarding fixed dates, we have the Sept 21-25th week well secured.
Now we only need the rest of the world to be able to attend :slight_smile:



Can we move to earlier date? Building simulation 2020 is the same date during this week.


To avoid confusion, the IBPSA (international) Building Simulation conference is bi-annual: San Francisco 2017, Rome 2019 and Bruges 2021. The conference I believe Tian is referring to is BauSIM, i.e. the IBPSA Germany and Austria regional event 23 to 25 September 2020.

I think you must be referring to BauSIM 2020 in Graz, Austria, which is the 23-25th of September. Since we only have this week reserved, we could go with the 21-22nd, perhaps adding the 23rd for tutorials.

Hi Greg,

yes, I am talking about the BauSIM. If the date is fixed for Radiance Workshop than I will check weather I can fly directly from Radiance Workshop to Graz.


Hi everyone,
We have official dates for the 2020 Radiance Workshop in Bilbao, Spain:
September 21-22 (Mon-Tue): workshop
September 23 (Wed): potential tutorial day

We requested earlier weeks in September but the venue is in high demand and it was impossible to change the reservation, so hopefully everybody can make these dates work.
We will follow up with more details sometime soon.

Hope to see you all there!