CVS in beta state

Greg Ward wrote:

Once I add an option to gensurf and do a little more testing, we can
make a 3.5 release on CVS!


Hi all,
maybe I missed it- I don't recall this has been mentioned on the list.
Maybe an appropriate time to announce it on this dev list:
the CVS server isn't directly accessible via anon-cvs, but the viewcvs
interface should have it all. Have a try- Any comments appreciated.

CVS allows for automatic emails for 'commits' on CVS, aka when Greg
uploads new versions. Anyone who would like to receive these emails,
please write to me directly ([email protected]). Alternatively
these automagical emails could be sent to this list- however there may be
one for each file (one for each commit in CVS-speak).

The main pages are update yet, although new versions are ready for upload,
once the CVS thing works and R3.5 is released.



pab-opto, Freiburg, Germany,