Cross platform Radiance installers, just tried rvu on Windows

Great job! I really like the new rvu on Windows.

I just tried it on Windows 7 64 bits

A few remarks:

In rvu

-selecting load view (file viewpoint.vp) contents: -vp -.5 -5 1.15 -vd 0.5
5 0 doesn't set the viewparameters (it doesn't do anything).

After manually setting a view
-selecting load view and pressing cancel 'resets' the view and rvu
recalculates from a random viewpoint, doing it again (select load view and
press cancel) goes back to the manually entered view before and

-selecting file -> Load .rif doesn't do anything.

-selecting parameter: some values could be expained a bit more, for example
te first tab ambient has in the first column value: 0 0 0 (I don't know
which values are required).

It looks like it is possible to set the environmental path on Windows
directly in the NSIS installer:,_prepend,_and_remove_entries
(The old MnGW installer offered at: did
also set the environment variables).

One question: are you sure you want to include rpiece in the
Windows installer? Since for Windows at compile-time the only message
possible by rpiece is the one about the missing NFS-manager.
To get rpiece working on Windows one would have rewrite (at least) the part
about file locking since Windows does this differently from other OS.
(It would be great to see rpiece working on Windows too!).

Best Regards,