conversion from Desktop Radiance to Radiance

Dear All,

A quick question to help the uninitiated.!

I currently use desktop radiance, using Ecotect as my modeller and to
generate the all the relevant files etc. However, I as I learn more
about radiance, I find this process a touch limited, for example I want
to be able to use xglaresrc, which I understand is only available in
Radiance itself. I have this on my machine, running under Cygwin, but
have never used it before.

So the question is, I really like Ecotect as the modeller, it is very
quick, good for adapting DXF's and is great for shadow animations and
the OpenGL visualisations are really effective, but I want to be able to
access some of the functionality of Radiance. Can I generate my scene
files in the DOS version and then use them under Cygwin, and if so, what
is the best way to go about this? In particular file extension names

Can I use Desktop Rad for generating the .pic images and then perform
findglare, xglaresrc etc under cygwin?

Many thanks in advance.