confused by visual scene?

hi ,all,

I create the first scence according to the "Scene 0 Tuterial", with rvu
command, I can see the indoor situation, and easy to identify where is floor,
cieling and wall because I can find the corner or common edge, though I set
the same color for them.

But unfortunately, when I create my own scence file, with rvu command it is
hard to identify where is floor, cieling and wall, they look like the same
thing with no any corner or common-edge, I only can find where the window is.

does anybody could tell why that?

The only diffrence between the "Scene 0 Tuterial" and my own model is that my
model has only daylight without indoor artificial lights, but "Scene 0
Tuterial" has both.

Thank you.

If you have indoor lighting, the light fall-off and, maybe, direction of
the light will underline geometry based on distance. Also objects will
create visible shades when between light and surfaces.

In your empty room, lid only by daylight (probably with a low -ab
setting and a set av-value, you did not tell us more about the
parameters you used), all surfaces will show the -av-preset brightness,
as they most probably do not receive direct light and the indirect is
not calculated. So it is hard to understand the interior, and there is
actually little calculation done.

Set -ab 2 and try again.

In general, for your questions, it is always important to post the whole
command line, e.g. rpict with all options and parameters! Without, we
are just guessing what you may have done.

CU Lars.