Compiling Radiance on Fedora


Just a note to let you all know, I just installed the latest HEAD release on a Fedora Core 1 Linux box, and had the same libtiff errors that Etienne Canard had back in January. Luckily Mark Stock's tip worked, from this post:

Thanks Mark! Users who get this error will not have any of the binaries from the /src/px directory built, not just ximage and the others that Etienne mentioned in his post.

I thought I'd mention this since Red Hat is dropping support for RHL9 at the end of the month, and I'd expect a few of you out there will be migrating to Fedora. (?)

After installing Fedora ( on a test server, and liking what I saw, I have installed it on my production Radiance box and thanks to Mark I now have Radiance running on it, and it's really quite nice. And the yum package manager is downright yummy! =8-)



      Rob Guglielmetti

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