coloured glass.........

For my stained glass in my medieval architecture reconstruction I had a
go using a textured glass material for the windows, but it does produce
the effect im really looking for. Internally when you look at the
stained glass its good, looks pretty realistic, but when you go
externally, with the sky shining onto it, it looks really bad, the
colours are very washed and far to faint, the black between each section
of glass is very light and it doesn't have that stained glass look at
all. Anyone know of a solution to this problem? What I want is the black
sections of my glass to not let light through, but in this case they do,
and they aren't very dark at all. If there is not a solution , what
would be the easiest way to blag it? I could use a different material on
the windows for external renders but then it would be obviously not
glass. Cheers John S

in my experience (lived in York for 5-7 years, a *lot* of stained glass there
in the minster) stained glass is grey-black with a lowish reflectance on the
outside: dirt mostly. -The leading is generally visible but also has a very
low reflectance. being able to see a tracery but not really see 'through' would
be normal.

couldn't that be modelled by two one-way transparent/translucent substances
one inward facing, one outward, the outward one with a texture?

nighttime is different. I think thats the real problem.

(a lot of stained glass is also now covered with anti-pigeon mesh. Glass in
York minster is a 3-layer sandwich, to protect the medieval panes from
exposure and other damage and the like. thats also reducing its transmittance
I expect)