changes to radiance-online

Hi folks,

one minor info about radiance-online itself:

Six years after I started radiance-online, the configuration is about to change.

Flashback: It had started as an unofficial guerilla project in 2000, filling the void of a mailing list and a maintained website. Over the years, it grew to support the CVS software archive, hosted the Radiance mailing list with around 300 users and distributed the CDs of the past Radiance workshops. My idea had been to run a stable, no nonsense system: The system has been kept updated, and thanks to RAID, it survived two dying disks on the last 2 months without downtime. Various backups and self checks helped to make sure the source code distribution and the mailing list system remained consistent. And -yes, - many thanks to the IT at Fraunhofer ISE Freiburg for providing bandwidth (see for details) and rackspace generously.

During the past months, it became obvious that new features would be useful. However, I didn't feel it would be wise for me to broaden my free support for it by a large scale, and trying to locate co-funding was fruitless. Which I found a bit sad, and, IMHO, may correlate with the management structure of Radiance.

Anyway- The domain registration expires next week, so I wrote to the dev list in May that I plan to "pass on the torch". Ideas then popped up on the dev list and LBNL (Lawrence Berkeley Nat. Lab., Greg Ward's employer when he wrote the legacy parts of Radiance) suggested to take over. They contacted me yesterday for the domain transfer, so we'll go ahead as planned. Which, in some ways, seems a good thing to me, as it will merge everything back in one place. And I'm glad we found a reasonable solution which allows me to focus back on what I want and need to do: optical material measurements.

So, with the old machine being shut down in the next weeks, and the new one being set up, you may experience some transitional problems. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Many thanks to all the folks who, by their email or code contributions, enhanced Radiance, smoothed the way for newcomers, located problems and made the Radiance community a lively place.
Also many thanks to Danny Fuller at LBNL (Windows&Daylighting) for taking over the system administration.

regards and happy rendering
Peter Apian-Bennewitz


pab-opto, Freiburg, Germany,
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