Call for Participation: September Radiance Workshop


  LBNL Radiance Workshop, September 22-26, Berkeley, California

We are planning a second workshop on scientific applications of Radiance, this time in Berkeley, hosted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

The first part of the week, Sept. 22-24, we will offer intermediate and advanced tutorials in Radiance, covering (among other things) daylight applications and new features introduced in recent Radiance versions, such as the holodeck and the mesh primitive. On Thursday and Friday, we will provide a forum for researchers to present their work to other attendees. We will also discuss current Open Source development efforts and solicit ideas on future directions for the software.

At this time, we are asking for immediate feedback from people who are interested in attending so that we can confirm a budget and pricing for the event. This is our current proposal for the registration fee schedule:

  Tutorials Only (22-24): 400 USD ($200 for students)
  Seminar Only (25-26): 200 USD ($100 for students)
  Seminar and Tutorials: 500 USD ($250 for students)

To qualify for the student rates, you must be currently enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate program at a university. Presenters will be offered a uniform $100 discount on their registration, at most one discount per talk/presenter. (E.g., if you are a professional attending the entire week and presenting two talks at the seminar, your registration fee will be $400. A student presenter attending the seminar only pays no registration fee.) These rates will probably undergo some adjustments when we find out how many people are interested in attending. The more people who speak up and the sooner they do so, the less it will cost for everybody.

Tentatively, John Mardaljevic has agreed to repeat his two-day intermediate daylight simulation course for us, and Greg Ward plans to give a one-day tutorial on new Radiance features. If others are interested to present a tutorial, please contact the organizers immediately by sending e-mail to:

  <[email protected]>

If you are interested in presenting your work at the seminar, please send a talk title and brief description of its content to the e-mail address above. If you have an abstract ready, please include it, but we don't require one at this point. Deadline for talk titles is July 31. If you plan to attend, but are not sure if you will be able to give a talk, or are sure you will not, we would still like to hear from you by the 31st so we can get an approximate head count. Let us know whether you would like to attend the tutorials, the seminar, or both.

We intend to announce the final workshop pricing along with a speculative list of talks in early August. Registration payment will be due towards the end of August. We will offer suggestions for accommodations in the area in the next announcement.

If you accidentally REPLY to this e-mail, be aware that you will end up sending your thoughts to the entire list, so use the above address, instead.

I look forward to seeing you in September!