Calculating scheduled solar gains for EnergyPlus' surfaces

Hi everyone,

I am working on a project that requires calculating solar heat gains
through (very) complex building envelopes. I am pretty sure that EnergyPlus
will not be able to do it...

I know EPlus is capable of dealing with CFS by means of BSDF... but that
assumes that the CFS is an extra layer in the facade. In my case, you could
consider the facade to be just anything.... a moving (ondulated and
microperforated) overhang, a tree, a complex exterior environment, etc.

My plan is to use Daylight Coefficients and use
SurfaceProperty:SolarIncidentInside object in E+. That is, I want to
pre-calculate the incident solar radiation using Radiance. *Just the
incident! interreflection will be calculated by EPlus (is that correct?)*

I understand this could be done as:

   1. Create an office with black walls, floor and ceiling... the exterior
   and the envelope keep their properties.
   2. Create a sensor file for each surface... sensors are normal to each
   surface, pointing inside
   3. Calculate Daylight Coefficients for each wall
   1. cat Wall.pts | rfluxmtx [options] -I+ - white_sky.rad scene.rad >
   4. Calculate irradiance over surface
      1. cat weather.wea | dctimestep Wall.dcmtx | averageSensors >

Now... I am not sure if this is correct, because what ANDY SHOWED IN 2011
is sort of different. He calculated a wird View Matrix.... is that an old
way of doing this same thing? What am I missing?